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We present a compilation of the most frequent questions that our clients of the Inbound Recruiting Master ask us before starting to train with us.

Our goal is that you have access to all the necessary information to help you make the decision to enroll in the course, but if there is any information that is not reflected here, you can contact us at any time to ask us what you need to know.


01 /

What does the program include?

The Inbound Recruiting course includes live access to sessions, templates, tools, and guides.


The sessions will be live, but then they will be recorded so that you can see them again if you have not been able to attend.


You will also have access to Toni Gimeno's support group on the exclusive channel on WhatsApp.


In addition, you will have access to different live webinars that will take place throughout the year within the course, even if you have already finished it.


You will also have a discount for online consulting sessions and also for face-to-face training.


And last but not least, you will receive an official certificate confirming that you have certified in the Inbound Recruiting methodology.

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How long is the course?

The program is designed to be done in 4 weeks, in 3-hour sessions, twice a week.


If you cannot attend a session, you will have access to the recording so don't worry.


Each week you will have between 6 hours of live training, and then you will have the practical exercises and the implementation to your own company or project.


Likewise, you can go at your own pace and go reviewing the content and doing the practical parts as best suits your time, since you will have access to the materials.

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Will I have support for my doubts?

Yes, as it is a live course, you will be able to ask all the questions you have during the course.

Likewise, at the time of purchasing the course you will receive an email to request your access to the private support group on WhatsApp that we have for course students.


From there, you can ask all the questions you have and have the support of the student community and Toni Gimeno directly.

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Can I access from multiple devices?

Yes, but you have to bear in mind that the course license is individual and cannot be shared between several users. In the event that the system detects that the account is being shared, it can proceed to block it.

05 /

Can I have an invoice?

Yes, without problem. When you fill in the fields with your data on the course purchase page, you will find a box to request it. The invoices are all sent once a month.

06 /

How do I access the content?

We will give you access to a digital platform where by means of a username and password you can access the content.

07 /

How long will I have access to the online material?

Although the program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, you don't have to stress out about training, and you can take your time to fully benefit from all the knowledge.


As you will have lifetime access to all of our material, you can always return to training or complete it at a later time, whenever it suits you.

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What if I cannot attend a session?

No problem, because all the sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the platform and you will have access immediately, once finished.

09 /

Can I share the content with third parties?

All the content of the course is private and the use is exclusive for the person who carries out the training.


Therefore, the total or partial reproduction is totally prohibited without the explicit consent of the author.

10 /

What if my results don't improve?

The 5 week program really teaches you everything you need to know to execute the strategies successfully.


However, if it is possible that you do not get results or do not know how to move forward with something, you have exclusive access to the WhatsApp group, where Toni Gimeno will help you in your individual case to help you achieve your results and improve the performance of your strategies.


If you need a lot of help, there is also the possibility of direct consulting sessions for your company or project.


Will this work in my country?

Toni Gimeno has been able to implement this methodology and has trained more than 6000 professionals in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, the United States, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, always achieving results, regardless of the industry, the company or the range by which they were attracting talent.

They are strategies and techniques that the country in which you live does not influence. Don't let this be an excuse for improvement.

12 /

Will it work for my sector / industry? Does it work for all profiles?

This methodology works for any type of profile, industry or company. The content and the way of communicating with the candidates or employees will change, but the methodology to carry it out is the same and is adapted to each situation of each company.


I have been able to apply it and I have achieved results directly in positions from operators, telemarketers, clerks, and positions that were hired in a massive way and with more than 500 vacancies to positions of managers, engineers, C-Level, and above all, in technological profiles, where demand and competitiveness is stronger.


In the course, we will see examples of all types of profiles and sectors, and explained what to do in each case.

13 /

A candidate when looking for what it is like to work in your company, does he find it?

To good profiles, everyone is contacting them just like you, without getting their interest or attracting their attention.


DO NOT waste time contacting people without messages that do not work to get a genuine interest in the position and the project.

14 /

Tired of theoretical and impractical training?

Everyone talks about Employer Branding, attracting talent, with very nice ideas but nobody shows you how to do it for real, with real examples and results with numbers that can be applied from that moment on.


Here all are real examples of their own, with their metrics and from a Marketing and sales approach and not from HR.


Why is this course different?

I will answer this question based on the opinions I have received from students of my workshops and courses, which you can also see in the testimonials part.


1. Marketing and Sales Mindset and not pure HR

All you will see in this course are Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Sales and Social Selling techniques, applied to people and selection processes.


All the other training that is available in the market, are given by people who are from HR and do not have such deep knowledge or experience applying these techniques, nor do they have the real experience of having applied it in such a variety of clients and sectors.


2. Practical tactics and strategies focused on results

In this training, you will not see dreams of things that should be me ideas of things that could be done but they do not explain the how to you in detail.

All the modules and each of the topics are lowered to practical cases explaining why it should be done like this, what it should be done and how to do it step by step and with real examples of companies with which I have collaborated directly or indirectly.


And of all, I will show you numbers so that you can see the results with real metrics.


3. Direct implementation to your company or project


Everything that we will see in this course, you can work directly with your company or project, and you can put it into practice from that same day and see results.


I give you templates, step by step, tools and I show you finished examples so that everything you learn you can implement and make a difference.


My greatest satisfaction is that you can apply absolutely everything and improve all your processes so that you can attract more and better talent and make your employees fall in love.




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