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"How to create a 100% Remote Culture step by step"


Today, in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely is no longer a novelty and companies around the world have discovered the benefits of embracing a cultureRemoteFirst. 👩‍💻

👉 Cost and resource savings, ease of access and attraction of talent are just some of the benefits. 


👉 On the other hand, workers find better job opportunities, increase their productivity, motivation and their reconciliation between personal and professional life.


However, it is often difficult to adapt or design the organizational culture to this environment. 🤯

For this reason, in the next Inbound Talent Talk he will be with usWences Garcia, Founder & Head of Culture at MarketGoo, with whom we will talk about how to create a 100% remote culture step by step. 

In this talk you will learn:

✅ Step by step to design a 100% remote culture
✅ Tools that will help us in this process 
✅ Effective remote work methodologies
✅ Tips to work your culture remotely
✅ How to ensure it is a strong and aligned culture
✅ Examples of companies that have a TOP remote culture


We are waiting for you inside: 

🗓 Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022.
⏰ Time: 12:30H [ENG]


wences garcía - cultura remota

Wences Garcia

Founder, Head of Culture and GM at Marketgoo

speakers itt - toni gimeno.png

Tony Gimeno

Consultant and Trainer of Inbound Recruiting, Employer Branding and Talent Attraction | Creator of the Inbound Recruiting Methodology

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