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5 tips to lose the fear of posting on LinkedIn

Is publishing on LinkedIn still your pending subject?

Do not worry, it happens more than you think.

If posting on a social network can give you a bit of juju , doing it on a professional network gives you even more respect.

You have a lot to gain if you decide to post on LinkedIn, so we want to give you a little push.

If you're still not sure, here are 5 tips to help you overcome your fear of posting on LinkedIn.

#1. Define your "why" to be present on LinkedIn

Although many people believe that LinkedIn is only useful for job seekers, the truth is that there are many (good) reasons to participate in this network.

Actually, LinkedIn is a great tool for building your personal brand, learning about your professional field, and making connections that would otherwise be very difficult for you to reach.

And, of course, if you're a recruiter, it's also a great way to attract talent in an organic and ongoing way.

Your LinkedIn posts can be a way to communicate your company's culture and values.

In this way, you manage to attract profiles that may not notice a job offer because they are not actively looking.

Whatever your reason for getting started on LinkedIn, it's important to keep it in mind.

#2. Remember that you are not going to "kill" it instantly

It is normal to feel some fear of public exposure at first.

That is why we have to send a reassuring message. In reality, the visibility of your publications will be limited by the very operation of the network.

The LinkedIn algorithm ensures that your publications reach only a part of your contacts, especially at the beginning and when you have not yet picked up the pace by publishing.

For example, if your network is 500 people, it is practically impossible for those 500 people to end up reading your post.

We are not telling you this to discourage you, but so that you understand that the visibility that your posts will have at the beginning is limited.

Don't get frustrated if you get few reactions at first because this is normal. Even LinkedIn influencers started just like you, from scratch.

With a little time and perseverance, your visibility will increase progressively and you will be able to reach more people (your contacts and even contacts of your contacts).

#3. Start small

If you've decided to have more activity on LinkedIn but still don't know how to do it, you don't need to go from 0 to 100 at once.

There are ways to gradually increase your presence on this network. For example:

  • Start by commenting on other people's posts. As you loosen up, you'll learn about which topics get posted the most or what types of posts get the most attention. In addition, you will be weaving a network and creating a community that will help you when you make your own publications.

  • Share posts from your company's page , always adding a personal comment, since if you share without adding text to the post, it will be penalized and its reach will be less.

  • Then move on to creating your own posts based on articles or videos that you like and that may fit your goal. The idea is not to have to create the post from scratch, but to share content that already exists, but giving it your personal touch.

  • Finally, you can try creating more personal posts (people love to know who is behind a LinkedIn profile and their stories), and with a regularity that is comfortable for you. For example, once a week or 2 times a month. When you gain confidence you can always increase that frequency.

#5. Stop being always looking for originality

One of the most common barriers when publishing is finding topics for posts.

It is likely that thoughts of this style go through your head:

  • “There are already many people from the Recruiting world publishing.”

  • “Everything I can think of has already been published before.”

  • “This topic is already very hackneyed.

And we are not going to deceive you: you are right. 😄

On LinkedIn there are many professionals and it is impossible to be original all the time.

But nothing happens, because you can always contribute your point of view, your personality and your way of explaining things.

#5. Think that with your posts you can be helping other people

Sometimes we are so involved in our own world that we do not realize the knowledge and experience that we accumulate.

What you publish may be of help or interest to a future candidate, to a person who works in your sector or to a colleague from your own company, for example.

Never underestimate your knowledge.

Also, even if there are people who know a lot more about the subject, this can be a good way to understand other points of view or continue learning about a specific topic, for example if we invite comments or opinions at the end of the publication.

Now that we have given you these 5 tips to lose your fear of LinkedIn, we only have to ask you one question…

When do you publish your first post? 😄

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