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7 Incredible Examples of Employer Branding

Employer Branding is the image that a company has not only towards its clients but also towards its own employees and above all, the image perceived by its potential candidates.

As we have already commented on our blog, today companies face one of the biggest challenges they have ever had: attracting and retaining talent.

We must not forget that working in our company is one of the products that we must also sell to our potential clients, which in this case will be the candidates who feel attracted to our company culture.

For this, it is necessary to work on this Employer Brand or Employer Branding, with the aim that our workers participate in the attraction of new talent and develop a much greater commitment and feeling of belonging.

That is why we would love to share with you the cases of 7 very TOP companies, both multinationals and start-ups, that have built an incredible employer brand, here we go!


When we think of company culture and employee engagement, it's impossible not to think of Zappos. From the beginning they were very clear that their differentiation would be in customer service and in their company culture.

The culture of commitment and happiness are the two keys that explain the company's success strategy with its employees.

For example, at Zappos many times, even though there are different entrance and exit doors to the office, only the main one is available. In this way, all people pass through the same place and can interact and communicate with each other.

In addition, today, 80% of the zappos workforce (1,500 people) work under a system of absolute self-management, hierarchies have disappeared and now it is the worker who has to establish their framework . For example, they can decide their hours and even the salary they want to receive.

This process is public, so if you ask for a raise, you better prove you deserve that raise or everyone will point fingers at you in the hallways.

If you want to learn more about the values, culture and day-to-day of Zappos, access their employment page, you will learn a lot!

Recommendation: Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos wrote an incredible book, "Delivering Happiness", where he tells how Zappos was born and became what it is today thanks to its culture. More than a book, an essential manual for any HR professional.


From Netflix they affirm that their company culture helps them achieve excellence, what is this culture based on?

They trust their employees, which is why they give them freedom and responsibility, and for this they want the best talent. For them a good workplace means having amazing colleagues, their motto: "A Great Workplace Combines Stunning Colleagues and Hard Problems."

One of these examples is that on Netflix people have unlimited vacations and availability to enjoy them as and when they want, as long as certain conditions set by the team members themselves are met, for example: notify them at least 2 months in advance if you you go for more than 1 month, or that no more than 1 person from the team can leave at a time so as not to decompensate it.

Another of the benefits that most attracts the attention of Netflix is ​​its parental leave policy. Netflix has decided to implement a 100% paid unlimited parental leave policy during the first year of your child's life. You can choose as much time as you want and need to spend with your family, which basically sums up Netflix's parental policy as "take care of your baby and yourself."

With all these initiatives Netflix has a very clear objective, to attract and retain the best talent and to give the best of themselves both in their personal and professional lives.

You can read more about Netflix culture at this link.

Recommendation : "There Are No Rules Here" is the book by Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, and Professor Erin Meyer, which immerses us in the culture of the giant Netflix and invites us to reflect and experience that culture for ourselves. It is a must for those who lead or seek to lead change.


Starbucks is very clear that how an organization treats its employees is directly proportional to how employees treat customers.

A service that starts from the selection process itself: at Starbucks they promise to respond to applications within 10 days, to treat candidates with the utmost respect and to respond in less than 24 hours from the interview.

On the other hand, the main line of its Employer Branding practices is training. For example, faced with the difficulty of paying for the university of its employees, it reached an agreement with the Arizona State Online University so that its employees can take a degree online with all expenses paid by Starbucks.

Employees who receive this training through their workplace become much more involved with the company and its objectives, and are more reluctant to change workplaces, while they will transfer the help they are receiving to forums and social networks. receiving in your company for your training.

If you want to know more, you can read more about Starbucks culture and values ​​on their careers page.


Just with the motto of this very famous marketing platform it is already very clear what is the commitment of this company to employer branding as a strategy for attracting and retaining talent: "Creating a company we love".

Their commitment goes in two directions: on the one hand, the importance they attach to showing the day-to-day activities of employees in the Hubspot offices and, on the other, perhaps the most important to achieve talent loyalty: they take into account what the employees of your company think, their needs and proposals for improvement.

For example, they have created the hashtag #hubspotlife which can be used by all the people who work at Hubspot and upload any type of content to Social Networks related to their day-to-day work in the company: we can see everything from daily commutes to the office, to presentations of different team members and various celebrations.

This helps people imagine what it's like to work at Hubspot and see if it's a culture that will be a good fit for them.

They also have an interesting responsibility and self-management policy, for example, like Netflix, Hubspot leaves its employees free to enjoy unlimited vacations, so they can reconcile much better according to their needs or responsibilities, giving them freedom to choose.

Hubspot's career page is a true fantasy and source of inspiration for anyone interested in Employer Branding strategies, showing different value propositions based on various criteria such as departments or locations.


Culture is actually the number one goal of Salesforce, not just for the HR manager, but for everyone in the company, and it has been the distinguishing factor that has helped Salesforce maintain such a strong culture. .

From day one, the CEO of Salesforce and the other founders of the company wanted to create a different kind of company, one that was centered around this concept of Ohana, which means family in Hawaiian. And what's great is that for them, Ohana is not just about the employees, but also about creating this family feeling among their customers, partners, and in the communities where they live and work.

For example, Salesforce bases its employer branding strategy on creating such a TOP experience for its employees that they cannot resist sharing their experience with the world (or at least are willing to do so). They have also chosen to create the hashtag #SalesforceOhana , where we can find all the content of their day to day.

In addition, their recruiters attend specific classes and training to give their candidates an impeccable experience and also to learn how to communicate their culture, both the good things and the points for improvement, effectively with the candidates.

Visit the Salesforce career page and learn more about their culture


Mailchimp's motto is "Listen hard, change fast." You can't change quickly without making mistakes along the way. Being okay with failure is part of your DNA.

For example, there's an initiative called FailTips where employees bravely talk about things like fainting on the first day of their first job or the time our VP of engineering temporarily "removed" a feature that affected hundreds of thousands of Mailchimp users. and he was sure he would lose his job.

These talks encourage all workers to empathize and, above all, to accept their failure and take risks.

Another of the things that Mailchimp does to offer a unique experience is the way in which they conduct face-to-face interviews. It is not a normal way where the interviewer and interviewee sit in a room to talk, they make it different and unique. Instead, they choose to take the interviewee for a walk around the offices.

It is a great opportunity to show the city and get to know the candidates better in a more relaxed context. They then take a tour of the office, where they can meet people they could work with if they are selected and discover all the ins and outs of the office.


If you open the Typeform employment page you will not be able to resist its Employer Branding.

An excellent company culture, flexible hours, holidays for your birthday, fresh fruit and healthy food, discounts on gyms, cutting-edge technology and private healthcare. Not bad at all, right?

As if this were not enough, its offices located in Barcelona are truly crazy. They have even made a documentary to show them to the world. In addition, in this video they have also captured their culture, their benefits, celebrations, organization of the teams... always keeping in mind an objective "to make people feel at home".

In addition, it is a multicultural company with more than 35 nationalities, which means that you can see the world from several different perspectives, learning from each other and improving every day. In addition, for people who are not from Spain (whether they go to work in Barcelona or remotely) language courses are offered to adapt better and faster.

To find out more about life at Typeform, visit their careers website.

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