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8 Tools for a successful digital Onboarding

Did you know that 25% of job abandonments happen in the first 45 days?

In other words, 1 in 4 new hires leaves before completing two months in the company, assuming a brutal cost for the company and an emotional cost both for the team and for the HR people who must cover the position.

So how can we make sure that these new employees joining the company make them fall in love with us even more?

Well, one of the processes that we will have to take great care of is the Onboarding process , since a good incorporation reduces failures and increases retention, which in turn reduces the need for expensive hiring processes.

And it is that, according to a study carried out by Headway Executive Search, in Spain, 75% of professionals do not have a good memory of their landing phase in the company .

And just like in Marketing and Sales we have a CRM and in the Recruiting area we have the ATS, there are also digital tools that have come to help us give an incredible and attractive experience to our new employees so that their first days with us are memorable.

Let's see some of them 🚀


On-Boarding specific tools are software created mainly or exclusively to digitize and improve our onboarding and sometimes offboarding process.

Below we present 5 specific tools so that your processes of incorporating new employees are agile, fun and generate commitment.

Talmundo is a software specialized in very intuitive, simple and visual Onboarding processes.

It was born with the main objective of modernizing and simplifying onboarding activities with the employee experience as the main engine.

It is a platform that adapts to the new reality we are living in, which is why it is 100% compatible with mobile devices, which will help us reduce the productivity time of new hires and reduce the risk of these people leaving the company. business.

In addition, it also offers us as recruiters a good experience, since it is very easy to implement, very attractive to use and can be integrated with a lot of tools and ATS to make it much easier.

One of the coolest features of this onboarding software is that it has a ChatBot called EVA that will provide answers to the questions that new employees ask it without having to ask someone from HR, thus also speeding up the process and giving a Incredible experience for the new employee.

In addition, it has a statistics section that will allow you to identify obstacles or weak points throughout the onboarding process and take action. Because... we already know how important it is to measure to improve, right?

ChiefOnboarding is an onboarding solution focused on agile processes and overall efficiency.

The software works to make the onboarding experience as seamless as possible for businesses, and its features are designed to be fast and efficient.

Additionally, ChiefOnboarding allows us to create custom onboarding journeys for all new hires. You can create a structured baseline for the onboarding process, complete with automated text messages and emails, as well as the accompanying Slack and Google accounts.


And the best of all this is that it can be configured in seconds through the default templates that you can access

ClickBoarding is another tool that helps us make onboarding much better, both for candidates and for the company and the recruiter.

It allows us to customize each onboarding process, but also to automate it if the process is similar for some positions.

For example, if you work in an office with Private Parking, you can add the usage guidelines to the additions of that office, but remove it for those that do not have this option.

It also gives us the ability to manage checklists, assign tasks, review progress... so we can see how the new additions are meeting the Onboarding objectives at a glance.

In addition, it offers us the digital signature functionality, which will make it easier to sign documents and forms that we need them to fill out.

If there's one thing that makes WorkBright special, it 's that it's been built from the ground up by and for mobile devices.

And it is that more than 70% of new employees complete their paperwork through a mobile phone and sometimes, the platforms that claim to be "responsive" often present us with problems (optimization, weight, design...).

It is also a platform that whether we are 10 or 10,000 employees will be covered, since many of its premium functions are à la carte and you can decide what fits your company and what doesn't, paying only for what you purchase.

In addition, one of the most curious things that you have to take into account is that it is a very good option if you work with seasonal, fixed-discontinuous employees... since it allows you to transfer all the information from one season to another, covering the employee /a only the forms needed for the new work season.

BoardOn is great for creating a memorable pre-onboarding & on-boarding process.

From the moment the person accepts the offer, we can start creating the pre-onboarding experience and process by sending an email or text message to give them access to the portal, which shouldn't take more than 1 minute. fast right?

It allows you to create content and post it on the personal portal of each new hire so that you can start learning more about the company and the day-to-day life of the team even before joining.

In addition, you can also obtain statistics and follow the progress of the users to see how they are living the program, if there is a phase in which bottlenecks are created...


The integrated tools are HR Software that cover various HR processes such as Personnel Administration, Vacation Management or Transfers and among which we often find modules that help us work and improve our Onboarding processes

They are ideal if you want a single tool in which you can manage your employees in various processes in the area and that allows you to have a much broader vision of the employee.

There are many of these tools, but today we present you 3 of the ones we like the most, here we go!

Sesame is a cloud-based workforce management software that helps companies digitize and simplify human resource management through a series of software solutions.

Among its multiple functionalities, including time control, shift management or vacation manager, we also find an Onboarding module that helps us create very cool experiences for new employees.

With Sesame you will be able to customize the welcome plan for new employees, automate processes and have all the onboarding information centralized and organized.

In addition, it gives us the opportunity to also create Offboarding processes, which allows us to also take care of the departure of employees and also offer a good experience at the end of the relationship.

FactorialHR is another integrated HR software that covers the areas of Time Management, Legal and Financial and Talent Management with its complete tool.

And it is precisely within its Talent Management module where we find an onboarding and offboarding module that allows us to plan the incorporation plan of our company in a totally personalized way.

Thanks to this functionality, we will be able to reduce the time we invest in repetitive tasks, since we can create structured flows of tasks for the different incorporations.

In addition, if several people manage the same incorporation, it is not a problem, since by centralizing these processes they can be managed by several people, which helps us to guarantee fluid communication between HR and the rest of the employees.

Personio is another well-known HR software that covers various areas of the company, from candidate management to preparing payroll or performance evaluations, going through day records and, of course, the onboarding process.

Thanks to this functionality of Personio we can personalize and automate the onboarding process for new employees, giving them all the necessary information so that they feel comfortable and can start working from day one.

We can also control the process without having to actively intervene, since you will be able to consult all the onboarding tasks from a single place and send reminders of pending tasks to those responsible.

In addition, you will have an "employee file" where you will have all the important data of each new incorporation in the same place, being a much more efficient and effective process.

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